Sundyota Numandis and Alver have joined forces with the intention of introducing the benefits of superfood microalgae to the world!



Majbritt Byskov-Bridges (Co-Founder & COO) & Mine Uran (Founder & CEO)

Alver wants to be a part of the “responsible consumption” of food along with people from all age groups who share a similar perspective on food. Alver microalgae is a single ingredient with no additives. Alver supports the food and nutritional sources that are both resource-conserving and sustainable for the planet's future, as well as for all of humanity. Rethinking non-animal proteins as food and enhancing our clients' daily meals with microalgae are the objectives. Alver stands for a wholesome, enjoyable, and sustainable diet that is suitable for anyone, and ensures that our goods may be effortlessly included into any cuisine, without compromising the flavour of your favourite dishes, as every recipe is as unique as its master.

Our Mission

Alver’s goal is to use sustainable microalgae to help feed the world's expanding population. Alver relies on its microalgae, Golden Chlorella, because it’s a wholesome, sustainable food ingredient that uses much less water and agricultural land to grow compared to other protein and nutritional food sources.

Our values

The four core values that the Alver team upholds collectively are essential to their product development


Alver promotes sustainable food choices & protein sources that are not derived from the animals..


Alver aims to fill the gap of non-animal products being deficient in protein through its Golden & Diamond Chlorella, which balance the protein intake in food.


Alver does not support the use of artificial-functional ingredients in food, such as synthetic binders, emulsifiers, and fortifiers. Their Golden and Diamond Chlorella are single ingredients that can act as natural binders, natural emulsifiers, natural water and oil holders, and natural fortifiers in food.


Our products are all about being sustainable. As our world grows, we need food that is rich in protein, has essential nutrients, and is made in a way that saves resources and helps the environment.


‘Sundyota Numandis’, our name, truly defines our purpose of existence. It means ‘A sparkling expression of joy, empowered by the cosmic energy of the Sun’. We are a healthcare group working towards prevention, management and optimum health promotion through evidence based Nutraceuticals, Microbiome and Phytopharmaceuticals. We began our journey in 2003 with a mission to offer a new dimension to human healthcare. Our intention is to alleviate disease and suffering in an effective and the safest possible manner.